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Description: Starring Casey Calvert Directed by JohnM

Congresswoman Calvert has been under a lot of pressure to pass a bill she just doesnt agree with. She has been inundated with calls and fancy offers from her fellow public servants to budge on her no vote, but she just doesnt think its right. Her assistant, or as she prefers to think of him, her man servant Kevin sits by as she hangs up on yet another pesky plea to change her vote.

Kevin gives his two cents, suggesting the passing of the bill might open up better trade with Russia and is knocked down quickly with a frigid and condescending response. She glares at him coldly, reminding him of his place rubbing her feet, holding her lipstick and retrieving her dry cleaning, and that he doesnt get to have political opinions. She sends him on his way.

Unknown to her, his urge to change her vote wasnt as innocent as it sounded. Da his phonecall begins as he explains to a contact over the phone that she wont budge. Spasilba he says as he receives his orders. Returning with her dry cleaning he unassumingly offers her a neck rub to relieve her stress. He moves her silky locks to the side as she welcomes his hands. Just as she gets comfortable he opens up a key lanyard and wraps it around her neck.

Her skirts rides up revealing her thin white cotton panties, as her nylon clad legs flail underneath her desk. Struggling against him, she manages to fall beneath her desk. She clambers away screaming for help as he grabs her, throwing her to the couch where she emasculated him earlier. He ratches his arm back and delivers 3 devastating blows to her gut, causing her to contort into a protective position on the couch. As she recovers from the pain, he allows her to sit up and breathe for only moments before wrapping her own scarf around her neck.

He pulls in tight, making sure to not let her get away this time. Her heels slide across the carpet as she gasps under the pressure of the scarf for air. A dark shaddow lingers behind her panties and knowing the beautiful pussy that lies behind them incites him further as she continues to flail on the couch, grasping for hope of living. Her body convulses with the last efforts of her lungs to take in air, her thighs quivering with the last nerve impulses left in her body as it slides off the couch, her legs spread wide open.

Her corpse laying there fills his cock with an animalistic urge, her body void of life splayed open just for him. He rubs his cock as he runs his hands over her still warm body, and unbuttons her blouse to reveal her bra. He leans over her and places kisses on her body as her skin begins to cool, her pale breasts exposed. He muscles her up on the couch and continues to undress her, pulling her bra off and letting her limbs flop back to the love seat.

He strokes his cock as he continues to kiss her bare skin, working his way down to her panties, smelling and licking her pussy through them, leaving a wet spot on her deceased cunt. He pulls them off and stretches her out on the couch and begins licking her bare clit as her eyes stare into eternity. He takes off his clothes and spreads her legs further, stroking his dick before pushing it into her wet pussy. He pumps into her as her dead gaze settles on the desk she once occupied, her breasts moving with his thrusts.

He flips her on her side and, lifting a leg over him enters her pussy from behind while he spoons her, her other leg dangles to the floor. Hes wanted to make love to the congresswoman for so long and loves the way she feels inside. He takes her skirt off and pulls her on top of him making her dead body ride him like he has fantasized so many times. Her body flops backward onto him, he feels her full weight bare down on his cock, just like he imagined it. He kisses her neck where the scarf made its mark, as he comes closer and closer to climax, her legs rolling back and fourth with him.

He kisses her spine and lays her on the ground, kissing his love some more as he jerks his cock above her on the couch. Hes wanted her as long as hes worked for her. He feels his balls tighten and moves forward to spill his load. His cock erupts over her shoulder, christening it with his hot goo. It drips down her chest as he prepares the plastic sheet to roll her in. He drags her body over and lays her in gently, trying to keep her arms tucked in so its easier to roll her up. Her eyes remain open as she gazes through the plastic and her body rolls over itself.

Fetish Elements:аExplicit Sexual Content, Partial Nudity, Fondling, Punching, Strangling, Rolling, Pussy Licking, Limp, Cotton Panties, Nylons, Struggle, Terror, Necro Fucking, Necro Pussy Licking, Cumshot, Necro, Body Views, Foot Views..

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