Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Ivy is getting ready to go out and in need of a change of clothes. She slips out of her cute jean shorts and into a white, button up; nude pantyhose; and a black skirt. But its too late, the intruder is already upon her and tackling her to the couch.

He binds her hands with duct tape and takes her skirt off. He begins rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose and underwear.

He picks her up and takes her to the bedroom where he worships her pantyhose and legs before moving down to her delicate feet. He kisses her legs slowly, teasing her and making her moan with fear.

He is growing tired of these pantyhose and rolls them down nice and SLOW. He kisses her bare skin and feet, his pleasure rising.

He wants her to wear black pantyhose now and she reluctantly puts them on. He binds her hands and gags her mouth before resuming his gentle touching on her innocent legs, ass, and feet.

It looks like hes had enough because before she can blink, his hands are around her neck and he is choking the life out of her little body. She struggles and tries to get him to stop, his grip it too strong, though and she finally gasps and dies, her eyes staring off into space.

Fetish Elements: Innocent, Alone, Intruder, Pantyhose, Duct Tape, Gag, Bind, Fondle, Caress, Ass Touching, Foot Rubbing, Foot Worship, Leg Worship, Pantyhose Worship, Changing, Crying, Choking, Gasping, Death, Body Shots, Foot Shots

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