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Description: Starring Angel Smalls


This video is to introduce the latest in erotic technology, the Angelbot 1000. Note the plain, brown box that this device is delivered in, disguising this realistic fuck toy from the prying eyes of neighbors and delivery people. As shown in this instructional movie, the Angelbot is delivered completely nude, so the owner can see every inch of the models flawless skin, its boobs and hairless cunt on display, all of its orifices and control panels easily accessible. A variety of outfits and accessories are available to dress and modify your toy, to maximize your pleasure.

Once out of the box and placed in the upright position, it is simple to set up. As you can see in the video, with the simple to follow, online instructions, the Angelbot 1000 will be on her knees and sucking your cock like a back-alley whore in seconds. Note the quantity of drool coating the users fat cock as the bot worships his meat-pole, as well as the lack of a gag reflex. Light enough to throw around like a rag doll, it comes with predictive position assist, working with your body to create the most creative and acrobatic sex youve ever experienced.

The model featured here is one of the smallest we offer, but is built to take dicks of any size, it lifelike pussy and ass stretching to accommodate pencil dicks and anacondas alike. It also features multi-orgasmic responses, causing it to moan, gasp and utter the filthiest of dirty talk, as it is stuffed full of cock. In addition to the multi-orgasmic, slut setting, it comes preprogrammed with taboo (mother/sister/daughter), victim (unwilling, but helpless) and dominatrix settings. Other programming, such as waifu, elf, furry or monster girl, are currently in beta testing and will be available for download soon. Limbs are removable for the acrotomophiliac.

Cum in any hole you like, they all belong to you. Sperm is collected and contained for later disposal. After this happy owner dumps a sack-load of goo into Angelbots tight cunt, he gives the clean-up command, sending the high-tech sex slave back to her knees, licking her owners cock clean. If this tight, little fuck doll is too vanilla for some discriminating users, this video also demonstrates some of the more exotic programs that separate the Angelbot 1000 from its competitors.

Activate Strangle Mode and she is programmed to respond to pressure around her throat as if she were being choked. Watch her gasp and squirm, her eyes growing wide as she simulates mortal terror, flailing her limbs in a panicked, ineffectual flurry of desperation. In Gag Mode, Angelbot simulates all the gagging, drooling and eye rolling of a choking bitch, but with her doing all the work, using her owners cock to choke herself with. Lastly, watch as Necro Mode is activated, shutting off all motor control, turning Angelbot into a limp, floppy set of holes to be used for your enjoyment, while its glassy eyes stare blindly upward. The heating element can also be turned off for the most realistic necro experience outside of the morgue. Give the Angelbot 1000 a try with our 30 day trial offer. We promise that youll be glad you did.

Fetish Elements:Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Robot Role Play, Lifting, Blowjob, Standing 69, Drool, Deep Throat, Sex, Hand Strangling, Gagging, Hair Pulling, Face Fuck, Necro Sex, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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