Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Shavelle Love and Penny Lay

Directed by JohnM

Note: This is the super hot prequel to “The Penthouse Murders”

The CSI take footage of the crime scene.

Hours Earlier

He arrived in the suite with the Kilt Girl from the local tavern. He had been flirting with her all night, letting her take lots of sips of his drink until she was pretty suggestible by the end of her shift. All part of the plan. She was definitely hot, and it made him enjoy his job even more. They drank some wine, then got down to business. He ate her out, she sucked him-then then were banging on the table and soon to the softer bed in the next room. Soon, Penny entered, having gotten the room key he left for her in the lobby. She watched the action for a while, but when she caught his attention he made an excuse to the other girl and left the room. Shavelle was in heaven, the guy was what she really needed after a rough day at the bar. All her co-workers were bitches and one had even claimed she stole her boyfriend. Ridiculous! She continued to masturbate while she waited for the cock and the man attached to it to return. Meanwhile, the man was fucking his client, Penny. And she was really into it. He had no idea what the rivalry was between these Kilt Girls, but he did not care. Perks of the job. Shavelle discovered the two of them, but instead of freaking out, she chugged some more wine and started a 3-way. They moved quickly to the bedroom and all sorts of debauchery commenced. Fighting over his cock to start, they soon got into a groove and everything was happing in the realm of the sexual acts that could be done with 2 girls..within reason of course. After a while, Penny left for a moment and Shavelle was riding the man. He felt it was as good a time as any and reached back..Penny, handed him his silencer and he shot Shavelle in the head right as she orgasmed. Her head went back, then rebounded forward and she shot her again..this time, hitting triggering the mother load of brains and blood, which spattered high on the headboard as she fell back against the lower part. She was still, staring for a moment, then slowly her head slipped on the chunk of blood and brain oozing out the back of her skull. Her face now on the bed, she stared blankly, dead.

But the fun continued.

Penny, the sick bitch, wanted to keep playing. He didn’t mind. After all, she was the client. Besides, she might come in handy for him later. So, now he goes to town on Penny-fucking the redhead girl all different ways, and fucking her dead frenemy, Shavelle. Penny goes to town on her, licking her pussy, and frenching her. She sucked out Shavelles tongue and licked and played with it. Hot. After a while of this, he was ready to finish, so they positioned Shavelle for a pile driver. It was not graceful, but it worked. He rammed his cock deep into the dead girls pussy as he stared at her unflinching eyes and the two dime-size bullet holes in her forehead. He came like he never came before-spewing his load over her pussy and all over Penny’s face. When it was over, he left to clean up. Penny moved her into a position that was useful in holding her wine while watching TV. He came back, aiming his gun at her-just to see her reaction, and strongly suggested it was time to clean up. Later, we see Shavelle posed on the bed for the CSI to process.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Sex, Lesbian, Tribbing, 3-Way, Silenced Head Shot X2, Gore, Blood, Necro Lesbian, Necro Fucking, Bare Foot Views, Body Views.

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