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Description: In this story we see the course of Akeira, from young next door girl to waste object in the hands of a stranger.

First we enter into Akeira’s life: video opens showing her talking at the phone with a friend, about a sexy guy she has been dating for some time. She tells her friend how cool he is, how good he is in bed, and the two wonder about what he does as a job, as it’s not clear at all. He never wanted to talk about it, so Akeira is quite curious; he actually forgot his laptop at hers, and she tries to get into it while still being on the phone with her friend, but unfortunately it is password protected.

She says goodbye to her friend and continues playing with the laptop; soon the phone rings again, and it’s him. They start chatting, but soon the call gets hotter and the two start having some phone sex; Akeira starts touching and fingering herself while saying dirty things to him. Unexpectedly, he has to go, so he closes the call. Akeira remains there, aroused, so she decides to finish herself off and keeps fingering herself on the couch. She doesn’t notice someone just outside her house is looking at her through the viewfinder of his rifle!
Akeira keeps fingering herself, and, literally when she starts orgasming, the sniper fires and a bullet blasts her brains. Her instantly dead body shuts up and flops on the couch.

Shortly after that, we hear the criminal trying to enter the flat by forcing the door, as the camera pans on Akeira’s dead body staring into nothingness. He has all the time and noise is no longer a problem, she will not call the police.
When he finally manages to get in, we see the scene from his point of view: he finds the headshot girl on the couch, grabs her body by the shirt to make sure she is definitely dead, and has a quick inspection and flash on her luscious shapes. he tosses her aside, as that girl is now a waste object, gets the laptop and runs away with it, as that is what he was looking for and the reason why the innocent girl just died.

The video jumps forward in time, and brings us to the morgue, where Akeira’s body has been stored after having been found. She lays covered in a sheet, stripped naked. A tag hangs from her big toe saying that the body has already been inspected and is basically of no use anymore. Her eyes are still open but are now opaque, as nearly one day passed since that last orgasm.
No one is around. An attendant sneaks in, and his intentions are definitely not polite. He uncovers the body, and immediately starts to grope the dead girl. He takes his cellphone out and starts taking pictures of himself groping these tits, legs, and exposing her genitals. He rolls the body on the belly and start groping her perfect feet, takes more snapshots, and finally worships these soles as Akeira’s opaque eyes keep staring into nothingness.
Now, this poor girl is just an object for entertaining this stranger pig, who has no respect for her and doesn’t even know her name. Her life and her dreams are unknown to him, it doesn’t matter, even because this is something belonging to the past and a dead body is all what’s left.

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