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Description: After both the girls have been killed in the previous episode, their dead bodies lay now naked in the storage room, as the company is collecting more bodies. They are bodies number #12 and #13, as it’s stayed on their toe tags.
Since the company legally owns them thanks to the release the girls signed for attending the competition, someone there feels free to use the bodies as he wants to. The presenter and CEO steps in, and starts entertaining himself using Ellie’s dead body. He gropes her all around, turns the body on the front and on the back, and feels free to pull his dick out and start to masturbate, occasionally using dead Ellie’s hand to help himself.
He fucks her feet as well, and gets some open shots of her vagina and closeup details of that body. In the meantime, as the abuse goes on, dead Chloe Toy blankly stares at the ceiling with her unfocused eyes.
He rubs his dick all over Ellie’s body, until he ends up slapping and rubbing it against her tits, and he cums all over them while the poor girl keeps staring at the ceiling just like her opponent, unaware of what’s being done to her body.

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