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Description: Starring Jessica Nicole and Sleeperkid

There’s a knock at the door. SK greets the beautiful Jessica Nicole as she announces herself as his temporarily new cleaning lady. SK seems a bit wary but lets her in anyway. She gets to work and eventually finds herself near a drawer filled with valuables. She grabs an antique pendant and chain and decides her boss won’t miss it if it’s gone, but he instantly does. He confronts her about the theft and she denies everything, but he scoops the pendant out of her pocket and proceeds to dangle the jewel in front of her face. She protests but slowly falls into a tranquil spell. SK’s voice fills the room as he slowly lulls her into a deep sleep.and his COMPLETE control Moments later we see Jessica frozen, asleep, and wearing a sexy maid’s outfit. SK decides to have fun with his new hypnotic toy, transforming her into his new pet puppy, collaring her, asking her to play dead, setting her to “super” speed clean the living room, and more. He eventually incorporates some sleepy fun into his new maid/doll, forcing her to freeze mid-KO.and going so far as to ask for a strip tease as he continues to administer chloroform while he freezes her. The resulting sexy/sleepy burlesque performance has to be seen to be believed, and it eventually does end with a completely unconscious Jessica (rendered so by a powerful sleeper hold) carried off to the bedroom by the devious SK as a late night surprise for Miss Velvets!

This movie contains hypnosis, sleep command KO, puppy commands, “play dead” commands, doll commands, freeze commands, chloroform KOs, sleepy strip tease, sleeper hold KO, over the shoulder carries, dragging, rag dolling

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