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Description: Violet plays a girl who is having a bad dream or a premonition. She cannot piece it together, but flashes of her under attack or a body being fills her mind until she wakes up nervous about what she just saw. She calls a friend to tell her what she sees then goes into the bathroom to shower.

Once she returns, she looks over clothing she will wear that day when an intruder appears from the shadows of her closet and slowly and quietly approaches her. He suddenly grabs her upper arm; Violet panics and is frozen in fear, not being able to say a word. He traces the knife over her pale form, admiring her breasts before roughly throwing her over the desk to get a look at her soft ass then slamming her against a wall to fondle her some more.

He throws her onto the bed and chokes her then throws his knife away. He grabs her by the hair and decides to end it all. He reaches down, grabs the cord of her hair iron and wraps it around her throat before she can react. He pulls upward, lifting her off her feet and holds her up there as she fights and struggles to survive. He holds her up until all signs of life are drained from Violet’s young body. He then drops her like a sack of potatoes and stands over her body.

He positions himself near her so he could massage and worship her feet, her breasts and turns her over to worship her soft young ass. He sits her up against the bed and viciously snaps her neck then drags her to the back of the bedroom and sits her up against a wall as she urinates. He stays with her throughout the morning.

Contains: Dialogue, Set-Up, Voyeur Views, Shower Scene, Nudity, Sleepy, Knife Play, Rough Handling, Foot Worship, Death by Suspension Electric Cord Strangulation, Ligature Marks, Fondling, Ass Views, Feet Views, Vaginal Views, Body Dragging, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Full Body Necrophilia Urination, Neck Snap

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