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Description: Psycho-Thrillers’ two great spy franchises cross over as the Black Widows and HARPIE Terrorists fight to the death. Shootings, strangles, Pre-, During-, and Post-Mortem sex. A PTF epic. 3 Girls (all played by India), 2 Guys (both played by Reno)

The head of the Black Widows examines a HARPIE clone
He is going to replace Grace X with a clone double
He talks to her, caresses her
She kneels and sucks his cock
They get into bed and have a hard fuck in multiple positions
Afterward the man wants an after-sex massage
The clone complies, rubbing his back
But she pulls a gun from under the pillow
She shoots him in the back of the head
She drags him away to be disposed of
The Grace clone returns, but sees her gun is missing
She looks for it frantically
The real Grace, sitting in a revolving chair, reveals herself
She holds the gun on the clone
Grace gestures and a masked assassin comes into the room
Grace makes the clone suck the killer’s cock
He then fucks the clone from behind while Grace watches
In the middle of fucking her, the killer drops a garrote around her throat
He strangles her to death, continuing to fuck her from behind the whole time
When the clone is dead, the killer lowers her to the floor
Grace gloats, then instructs him to dump her body too
The killer carries out the dead clone
Grace is pleased with how things have turned out
Her boss is dead, the HARPIE clone is dead
She is in charge of everything now
There is the sound of a silenced shot
Grace’s head jerks and a bullet hole appears in her forehead
A second HARPIE clone enters the room, holding a silenced gun
She has executed Grace
At that moment the masked killer returns
The second clone is startled and afraid at first
Then the killer takes off his mask and the full extent of the HARPIE plot is revealed
The killer himself a necro blowjob with Grace’s corpse
He climaxes in her mouth, gives her glasses to the second clone
The Black Widow vs HARPIE war is over.

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