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Description: The hitman arrived at the apartment belonging to the girls, and he silently went inside.The first one he saw was Anna, standing in the living room, talking on the phone. Alexander started to sneak silently towards the young beauty. As he came up behind her, he pulled out a knife. Then he quickly put his arm around her throat, and stabbed Anna in the back. Alexander pulled the knife back out, and turned Anna around to face him. He held the knife up so that she could see it, the blade was dripping with blood, her blood.Anna looked at him in terror.
Alexander smiled and stabbed Anna once more. He could feel how the sharp blade entered her body, and he saw the red blood spreading onto her beautiful, white blouse as the blade disappeared into her chest.
He pulled the knife back out and stabbed her again. He caught Anna and slowly put her on the table on her back. She looked at Alexander, and she begged him to make the pain go away. He raised the knife over the badly wounded girl and stabbed her right in the heart, twice! Then, he stabbed poor Anna one final time, right in the middle of her chest, right between her breasts, burying the knife deep in her.
He gently stroked her cheek. Now, where is Maria.?Suddenly, he heard a noise. It was Maria. She entered the living room, and she ran to her dead friend, and kneeled beside her, crying.She never noticed Alexander hiding in the corner of the room, and he snuck up behind her, and grabbed her by the throat, lifting her up and turning her around.
She started to scream, but he shut her up by stabbing her repeatedly in the area around her heart as he held her by the throat. Her eyes were wide and filled with tears of pain and terror as Alexander stabbed her over and over, a lot of stabs!When Maria went all still and silent, he lifted her and carried to the sofa. He then stood there, watching the two girls, they were both dead, their pretty, white blouses were soaked in blood. He took pics with a digital camera provided by the man who had ordered the hit.”

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