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Description: Alexander arrived at the girls’ apartment as they were getting ready to go to work.He found his way inside, and then he spotted Maria, walking around, looking for her shoes.She finally found them under the living room table, and she sat down to pick them up. She came back up to a standing position, and instantly got a sharp pain in her chest. She looked down and saw the knife standing in her breast. Then she looked up again, and saw Alexander standing in front of her, smiling.
Alexander grabbed the knife, and pulled it out of Maria’s body. Then, he pushed her up against the wall, and stabbed her again, in the center of her chest. Maria gasped and cried in pain as the blade penetrated her soft chest.Then, Alexander could hear some noise coming from the bathroom, indicating that Anna would enter the room any minute. He finished off poor Maria with a couple of stabs in her heart, and one final stab in the chest, before letting her fall to the floor, coming to rest in a sitting position against the wall. The knife still buried between her breasts.
A few seconds after that, Anna entered the living room. She screamed when discovering Maria’s dead body. But suddenly, Alexander grabebd her, and threw her down on the sofa. She was screaming and kicking wildly, but Alexander finally shut her up by stabbing her several times in the center of her chest and in the heart. Finally, Anna went all still. Alexander stood up and took a look around the room. Maria was sitting against the wall, knife in her chest, and Anna was lying face up on the sofa, just as dead.He pulled out the camera and took pictures of the girls.

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