Categories: Shooting, Strangle, Suffocation, Stabbing, Non Sex, Death Fetish

Description: FETISH ELEMENTS: Two killers one victim, stockings, choking by bare hands, strangling by stocking, lingerie, sexy open eyes death stare.

SYNOPSIS: Father and son enters an apartment for robbery. Father teaches his son to be a burglar and thief. They are sure there is nobody in apartment. So they make many noise in courage when they find money, phone and laptop. But father hears water from the bathroom. They understand they are not alone. Dad looks into the bathroom carefully. He saw a girl preparing for the meeting. She is in sexy lingerie, black stockings and with evening make-up. They can just leave her place with good loot but they decide to kill her. Son is happy when father says about killing!

When she leaves her bathroom bastards catch her and choke. Beautiful diligent rich girl is in shock! She can’t resist. Two men attack her unexpectedly! When she stops moving and closes eyes intruders think she is dead. They put her body to the bed, father looks for more money but son starts to play with her body. He puts one her stocking off. But she comes to life! Bastards attack her together: son chokes her with her stocking, father holds her jerking legs. Poor girl twitches, shakes, rattles trying to fight for her life. But she can’t help herself – it’s no way to change her predestined tragic end. Soon she is dead. Her eyes are opened. Bastards leave body is sexy victim pose and runs away.
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Category: SNUFF