Categories: Shooting, Strangle, Suffocation, Stabbing, Non Sex, Death Fetish

Description: FETISH ELEMENTS: shootings, strangling, stockings, pantyhose.

SYNOPSIS: There live the cloned people among us, they are result of terrible experiment made by group of mad scientists in secret laboratories. Clones are externally similar to people, but they don’t have human feelings and emotions. The part of clones runs away from laboratory because of a carelessness of scientists, but mankind shan’t know about it. Therefore a clones hunter was sent, he has to relieve scientists of the arisen problems. He has to find and destroy clones.

In this clip clones hunt begins. The hunter comes to the apartment where finds the sleeping girl-clone. He decides to strangle her. He doesn’t finish to strangle her, when one more girl-clone appears in the apartment. He snatches the first girl and uses her as a cover from shots of the come girl. The second girl shoots three times, but all bullets hit into her friend-clone. Then the hunter snatches out the gun and shoots at the response three times. All bullets hit into the second girl, she moves back and tries to sit down on a seat armrest. The girl-clone feels a sexual agony before death. She slips down from the chair armrest, falls on the floor and her dress is lift up. Then the hunter doesn’t hide any more, he lifts the first girl and lays her down on the bed. Then he goes to the second girl, lifts her from the floor, seats the clone on the sofa and gives in her hand the gun.

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