Psycho-Thrillers – Terrorist Annihilation

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Description: Dani, Kiera and Nika play terrorists who are awaiting instructions from their leader on when to start poisoning the food, water and medicine supplies that will kill thousands of men, women and children. Agent Alan, the agency’s most efficient and undetectable assassin, has been dispatched to stop them. As the terrorist await instructions, Kiera and Nika drift off into an upstairs room to satisfy their lusts as Dani waits downstairs. The two have sex as the agent watches them. Once finished, Nika walks into the shower as Kiera relaxes on the bed. The agent watches a bit too long and is surprised when Dani points a gun at his head. The agent surrenders as Kiera emerges from the room after hearing Dani in the hallway. Kiera orders Dani to fuck him then kill him quietly as Nika continues to shower. Dani marches Alan downstairs then shoves him into an office. She orders him to removes his clothing then ties his hands behind his back. She orders him down on the floor then begins to play with herself until she is wet. The agent watches her and becomes aroused himself. Dani sucks his cock then fucks him, riding him hard and fast until she orgasms. Dani then makes the mistake of wanting another orgasm and does a reverse cowgirl and rides his cock harder and faster than ever. As she races toward another orgasm, Alan manages to free himself and wrap the garrote around her throat. Agent Alan is pumping in and out of her and Dani dies, yielding to the most powerful orgasms of her young life before spasming and dying as Agent Alan continues to pump in and out of her. He ejaculates inside her then tosses her body to the side. He unloads another load later after flipping her face-up. Kiera redresses after eating Nika thinking Dani has already dispatched of Agent Alan. She rests on the couch, still aroused after seeking autoerotic asphyxiation from Nika but being turned down. She begins to masturbate and works herself into fervor when suddenly she is strangled from behind. Agent Alan places a tight ligature on Kiera, whose fingers are buried deep inside her vaginal orifice. So close to coming she cannot help but to finger herself, even at the expense of her own death. Alan finishes her off, her fingers buried deep inside her. He later returns and arm carries her to the table and gets a surprise when he pulls her finger out her vaginal orifice! He rapes her then throws her back on the couch. Nika emerges from her shower which had turned into a masturbation session. Looking for Dani and Kiera to help execute their evil plan she finds them dead! She frantically calls her leadership then hunts for the assassin but he gets the drop on her, strangling her underneath the staircase. The garrote forces Nika into a standing position. She drops her gin in a panic then tries to use her feet to retrieve it in desperation. Like Kiera, it takes some time to die and Nika thrashes about wildly, doing everything she can to free herself but finding her life slipping away like a fish on a hook. Nika drools, sweat and bounces but in the end she succumbs to strangulation. Agent Alan makes her rape victim number 3 by not only raping her once, but twice, making her humiliation twice as bad. Afterwards, Agent Alan contacts his leader, explaining he has information leading to the last and most formidable terrorist cell. If he can reach it, the success of the mission will mark the complete fall of the H.A.R.P.I.E Organization forever! Annabelle plays a teenage prostitute hired by Jack after he kills a hotel guest and uses his credit card to hire a hooker. Annabelle knocks on his door and is pleasantly surprised by his distinguished looks. She changes into sexy lingerie and poses for Jack before sitting close to him. As he hugs her, he tells her that he loves to strangle girls and loves to see their eye balls pop out. He tells them this to generate fear and get their hearts racing. When they pull away, Jack attacks, grabbing her by the throat with his powerful grip and choking her. Annabelle fights him and manages to fall onto the floor but Jack follows her down, still applying his deadly grip. Minutes later the fight leaves Annabelle and she gives in to Jack. Jack drags her back onto the bed then undresses her and has sex with her dead body before leaving the room.

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