Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Caroline Pierce w/ Adrian

A young professional woman comes home from her day at the office, as soon as she comes through the door, locks it, and sets her purse down, she is attacked by a masked intruder wearing tight black gloves. He wants to kill her and fuck her body while she is fresh. He struggles with her as he gets her to the wall, she fights, kicks and slaps him, her sexy, Italian heels try to get a grip on the floor, but she slides around. The man reaffirms his grip as he flings her to the wall again, her left high heel flying off in the struggle. He gets both gloved hands around her neck and lifts her off of the ground, turning the wheezing, and gasping, to choking, and fighting for air, but there is none to have. She kicks and fights hard, but he is too powerful and on a mission. She slowly fades, going from wide eyed and tongue out to dead as she slides down the wall, slowly to the floor with his help. He finishes her and presses hard. He legs straighten out and twitch, and her long, business skirt reveals her panties. After he is certain she is gone, he sits her up, lifts and cradle carries her upstairs where he can have some good times. He lays her on the bed, enjoying her luscious body while he undresses her, flopping and rag-dolling her around. He plays with her tits, and then flips her over to play with her perfectly round ass, and all the way down the legs are perfect feet, painted with nice polish for her day at work. He admires her before he removes her G-string, then plays with her pussy, and himself to get ready. He pulls her naked body close and enters her, making love to her fresh and warm corpse. He sucks her toes and kisses her soles as he fucks her, then as he cums, he makes it last, bending her feet almost to her chest as he finishes. He removes himself and quickly exits, getting what he wanted. His cum slightly oozes out of her swollen pussy, and her sexy body is viewed and panned.

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