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Description: Starring Kay

Note: Kay is 3 months pregnant in this and is showing. We wrote it into the script with her permission. She is actually quite sexy in this-possibly the best sex scene I have ever seen anyone do for me is in this movie. All the shooting happens at the vary end, so if you don’t care for the forced sex aspect-well, that is 90% of it. But, if you do-it is great. The shooting is great too-her reactions are awesome!!!! She has a great death stare.


A woman is cheating on her husband who is deployed overseas with his best friend. She is with child by him as well. The plan is to not tell him, so she can take advantage of his military insurance until the baby is born. But, the husband returns early and things turn to shit real fast.


Kay is in love-but not with her husband anymore. He is a war hero and has been away for a long time. She has been spending most of her time with her husband best friend. He has been their for her and she just fell for him one day. Now, she is with his child and they concoct a plan not to tell her husband about them until after the baby is born so they can use his insurance.

Suddenly, her husband is standing in the room, gun pointed. They stand and start blaming each other. He does not like bullshit and shoots his once best friend in the leg. He has Kay wrap it up with duct tape (good for many uses), and secure him to the chair. Then, he forces Kay to strip for him.

He is turned on by her pregnant look, but not by the fact that the kid is not his. But, he has a plan and sticks to it. He forces his wife to suck his cock while his once friend, bound and gagged in the chair watches. She gives him a long blowjob and lick his balls.

He has her pose on the bed, masturbate, then lay back and he crawls on and starts eating her out. he eats her out for a long time, giving her multiple orgasms. He knows she is extra sensitive right now and wants to make her feel really good-thus hopefully making feel really bad as well for cheating on him.

Once he is done with that, he forces her to suck his cock some more, then starts fucking her. He fucks her all ways while his once friend watches. Just when he is banging her the hardest, he raises his service revolver and shoots his once friend in the head, killing him. Kay is in shock at what just happened. Her baby daddy is dead.

Now he forces her on her knees to suck him off again until finally he cums in her mouth.

She sits on the couch wondering what he will do next when he raises his gun and shoots her in the breast. She is in shock and pain, blood pouring out of the wound. She begs him forgiveness, but he is not in a forgiving mood. He shoots her in the head and leaves.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Pregnancy Theme, Rape, Blow Job, Sex, Breast Shot, Head Shot, Cum Shot, Body Views.

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