Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Starring: Kasey Warner, Ziggy Star, Reno

Two women play sex games while a man sleeps nearby – one woman ends up dead. The man wakes up and sexually murders the other woman.

2 Girl, 1 Guy
Two beautiful women in sexy lingerie are making out on a couch
They are soon both topless and intensely aroused
A man is sleeping in the next room
One woman is the man’s wife
The other actually wants to take her husband
After kissing and caressing each other, the wife lies down for a massage
The second woman massages her shoulders, neck and back
During the massage, the second woman confesses she wants the husband
She wraps a garrote around the wife’s neck and strangles her
They struggle, the killer straddles the wife while garroting her
The wife weakens and dies
Sexy death stare, protruding tongue, ligature mark on neck
The man wakes up, comes out into the room
The killer rolls the wife’s corpse onto the floor
The husband discovers them
The killer immediately seduces him
With the wife dead at their feet, she sucks his cock
She mounts him, riding him cowgirl
At first he accepts the sex, but then becomes upset and angry
She tries to calm him, but he clamps his hands around her throat
He chokes her while she is on his lap
Then pushes her down, struggling, on the couch
He manually strangles her to death
She has a death stare and protruding tongue just like the dead wife
He drops her down onto the floor
Both sexy corpses are side by side
One is face up, the other is face down
He picks up his dead wife and carries her to the bedroom
He returns and arranges the dead killer bitch on the couch
He gives her body a hard fuck in several positions
He climaxes on the strangled corpse
Her beautiful body is left on the couch in a twisted sprawl.

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