Starring Jade Nile

The gunman takes the terrified boyfriend to the other room and executes him for not following his instructions. Jade screams and goes into a state of shock. The murderer comes back and sits next to her on the couch. He forces Jade to choke down his cock at gunpoint. Tears stream down her cheeks as she gags on the killer’s shaft. The madman forces her head down roughly, having no care in the world for Jade’s feelings or well-being.

Jade goes into blowjob autopilot. Maybe if she just does a good job, he’ll let her go. Maybe her boyfriend is OK. Instead, the madman slips a pink ribbon around Jade’s neck and strangles her brutally with the silken garrote. Jade sputters and chokes as her trachea is slowly crushed. She kicks and scratches at her attacker but is unable to free herself. Jade has the life slowly snuffed out of her.

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Category: SNUFF