Olive’s boyfriend of 3 months has suddenly skipped town and she’s doesn’t know why. Heartbroken but trying to keep a bold face she decides a night out of dancing with a friend. As she gathers her things, a man holding a silenced pistol briskly walks into her living room and setting a bad down demands to know where her boyfriend is. At first she plays hard, trying to tell him just where to stick it, but the fear immediately rises when she sees the silenced pistol pointing at her head.

He gives her several more chances before he gets really violent, forcing the gun into her petite little throat. He wrestles her to the ground, landing several punches to her body, weakening her before handcuffing her as she sobs out of shear terror at what he may have in store for her.In the bedroom he tosses her by the belt wrapped around her neck onto the bed. She begs for respite as he uses a taser to take any remaining fight out of her. Cuffing her legs and arms together at the wrists and ankles he lays her on her side as he takes a look at her sexy little pussy behind her lacy lingerie

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