Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Coco w/ Chris B.

A beautiful, high profile celebrity is giving a speech out of town, she returns to her hotel after a long day, and some strange man stalking her. She comes in and calls her man, explaining the crazy guy, who is in the bathroom hiding in the tub. When she heads to the bathroom to take a bath, and opens the shower curtain, he is there to choke her out, wrapping her up in the tub, her high heels clacking on the floor in the struggle. She fights but he puts her to sleep with a sleeper hold. He picks her up with ease, ragdolling her around into a carry, then carries her to the bed and throws her down. He plays with her limp hands and wrists, checking out her body in her tight blue dress and high heels. Her bare legs are smooth and brown, and her ass is perfect in her black g-string. He checks her out, including opening her eyes, and each one to see her eyes rolling up in her head, then he grabs her tongue and pulls it out so he can see it protrude. He drags her to the edge and slowly removes her heels, letting them slide off, slowly, and then trying to put them back on as they slide off again. He plays with her sexy soles a bit. He rolls her around on the bed, dropping her limbs and ragdolling her back and forth, also dragging her around the bed. He slowly removes the dress to over her head, leaving it on her arms and face, so he can see her body extended and arched, her ribs poking out as he rags her. He unsnaps her bra and then rols her around until the bra comes off, he plays with her tits and kisses her body, playing with her neck and extending her as he tosses her around and plays with her limbs. He worships her feet, sucking her painted toes, licking her feet, loving her sexy feet. He is obsessed and is so into her deeply and passionately, tossing her and rolling her back and forth. He picks her up and carries her a bit, dangling her feet and then tossing her to the bed so he can dangle her head and arms off of the bed, ragdolling her around. He removes her panties roughly, then grabs and gropes her ass, and pussy, opening it to see the pretty pussy, and her sexy perfect ass. He rolls and rags her around, getting ready for the next phase, as he dangles her from the bed and lets her rag, then her swings her back and forth, he knows it’s getting time to strangle her with his belt, and get some good necro fucking after she is dead, and he ragdolls her be continued..(Part 2)

Part two is more ragdolling, limp play, and a nice hard belt strangle on the bed, to death, then more limp ragdolling and foot fetish/worship until he takes her in many ways while she is dead. ..and much more..

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