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Description: Starring: Belle Fatale as Grace X with: Freya as: Julia X

Our favorite sexy Hit woman spy Grace X and her right hand sexy gal Julia X are on a mission, they have to eliminate the Boss before he does that to them. In the same day she made plans to kill the boss and take over, he catches wind of it and is very angry, vowing to kill Grace and every Agent that betrays him. Grace calls Julia and instructs her to meet her at the Safe House/Office where the boss hides out in the air conditioning and plots other people to do crazy missions that usually end up as a death warrant. He is very smug and egotistical, and quite a hot head, that is why Grace wants to take over so she can run the group of sexy female spies and killers. When they meet in front of the Safe house, Grace gives Julia the run down, telling her she will be her right hand after they kill the boss. Grace caresses and kisses Julia as they ready their silenced pistols for the kill. Grace does have one request, and that is to be fucked hard by the boss before he is eliminated. Their plan seems foolproof. They head into the office as the boss is hanging up the phone with his spy, telling him Grace is a traitor, so when she enters and hears he wants to put a bullet in her head, she reacts with a smirk, knowing it will all be over soon for him. She taunts him and tells him to move to the sofa and face down on the couch. She sexily and slowly gets undressed removing her thigh high stockings and keeping one to tie him up with. She tells him to remove his pants then ties his hands tightly behind his back and bends over the arm of the sofa to get fucked. She grabs his cock and shoves it in her pussy. He pounds her as her Julia stands guard with both pistols on the Boss. She takes him all in, still in her signature shades, Grace moans and breathes heavily as she is pounded by her about to be ex employer. After some nice hard sex, Julia really starts getting into it kissing and caressing Grace and they do not notice the man freeing his hands from the stocking around his wrists. He continues to fuck her and the ladies become complacent. That is when the crafty boss elbows Julia in the gut, sending her back doubled over and making her drop both guns on the floor. In the next move the boss punches Grace in the back of the head knocking her unconscious and making her glasses fall off onto the sofa. He reacts quickly and kicks the guns away on the floor as Julia recovers and tries to grab them. The boss grabs one of the stockings and quickly wraps it around Julia’s neck pulling hard and she reacts trying to free herself from the crude but crafty veteran boss man. They roll all around the floor and each time he has the upper hand pulling so tight on the garrote that it stretches out four feet from her neck. After a long bout of her trying to get free, and in many positions, she dies and her tongue lolls out. He drops her face first like trash to the floor then scoops her up and snaps her neck, 3 times for good measure, to make sure she is dead for good. Then he grabs her for some necro fucking while she is still fresh and warm. He fucks her ass, then her pussy, using her like a fuck doll. As he is ramming her pussy, he gets an idea and smiles huge. He lifts Grace’s body up to his chair, then takes Julia by the hair and drags her into position kneeling down and face first into Grace’s pussy. he moves Julias head up and down on to her pussy the unconscious Grace starts to react and moan in pleasure. This really turns him on and so he moves towards Grace’s mouth, fucking her mouth deep throating her hard. She comes too being choke face fucked by her boss. She tries to mutter a few words but they are muffled and gagged by choking on dick. She gets up enough strength to push him away and grabs the gun that He secretly placed in Julia’s hand. She points it at his head and click, click..He had removed the bullets and she looks at the barrel of the loaded silenced pistol and mouth open, stunned gets popped once in the forehead between the eyes(shown 2x/different angles) She dies instantly, her head snapping back from the impact of the 9mm round. He knows he has some time to do them both now and moves them to the sofa. Earlier when the cocky Julia was pointing the gun at him she said, “We are going to fuck on your dead body after you are dead boss!” He tells her corpse, “who is fucking on who’s dead body now bitch?” He fucks Grace from behind as she is draped over Julia’s sexy dead boy and perfect death stare. He pulls Grace’s head up by the hair and fucks her really hard as she jostles around. He cums hard inside her after all the pent up aggression and anger come out. He then positions them on the sofa, side by side with Julia’s hand on Grace’s crotch and vise versa. He then takes Grace’s signature glasses and replaces them on her head. He pulls up his pants sits back down at his computer and gets right back to work. Time to hire some new Agents, don’t ya think? Body views and pans of the sexy dead Agents follow.

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