Psycho-Thrillers – Psycho Love

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: ory plays a working class woman who cannot seem to shake the affections of Anthony, a fellow co-worker. After dodging several attempts to go out on a date with him, Tpry seemingly sneaks away from work earlier. She is near her home when she is stopped by Anthony who also left earlier and followed her to her home. It is dark as they get into a verbal argument which turns into a brief scuffle. In the darkness, Tory goes down and a low struggling murmur could be heard before the sudden cracking of her neck. Suddenly silence fills the night sky as Tory is scooped up and carried away. Anthony carried Tory into his private get-away, a cheap basement home on the cheap side of town. He lays Tory gently on the bed and begins to touch her in ways she never would have allowed while alive. He dares himself to palm her big tits and he does. He unbuttons her top and it snaps open, exposing her perfectly round boobs. She looks like a beautiful little dead doll as he ravages her body with his hands, mouth and tongue. He tastes her pussy juices, licks and kisses her ass and sucks and palms on her firm breasts. He worships her perfect bare feet, licking and kissing and massaging them until he is aroused. He has sex with Tory’s corpse as he talks to it, telling her how much he loves her and dreamed of this moment as he looks into Try’s dead eyes. He has sex in several positions before climaxing inside of her. Shortly afterwards, Tory urinates, staining the sheets as Anthony masturbates in the corner. Looking to conclude his special evening, Anthony grabs a body bag and wraps Tory inside of it to drive her off into the mountains to feed the wildlife and rid himself of any evidence that Tory’s sweet pink pussy was ever in his possession.

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