Seductive Studio – Fighting – CUSTOM VIDEO

Categories: RolePlay, Fighting, Belly Punching, Fantasy, Pretty Girls, Abusive Game, Fetish

Description: Missy & Daphne are rival Models who do custom fighting videos. Daphne has been losing a lot of jobs to the new kid on the block, Missy. Daphne is really upset about it. Daphne asks Missy to show up under the false pretext that they are both going to be in a shoot together; but there is no shoot & Daphne’s real purpose is to eliminate her rival by taking her out. Missy arrives & Daphne tells her that not only is there no shoot but there will be no more career for her as Daphne intends to out her. Daphne says she can’t understand how she could be losing so much work to someone like Missy. Daphne tells her that to be in demand you have to know how to fight and s*ngle someone to do these videos. Missy says that not only can she fight but in a real fight she would s*ngle the life out of Daphne with no problem. Missy says that you must want me out of the way because you know I’m much better at this & would kill you in a real fight to the end. Daphne scoffs at this as she believes she could easily handle Missy. Missy, incensed at the deception & threat to her life, proposes a fight to the end, no weapons, and winner by st*ngle to prove who is better; the winner’s career will continue & the loser will be done & permanently retired. They strip to bra & panties, circle each other a bit and the fight is on. The fight goes back & forth as both use all sorts of chokeholds to try to win. Often they get back up & circle each other before going at it again with another round of chokes. Ultimately, Daphne gets weakened by a nasty barrage of chokeholds culminating in a combination choke & tight body scissor that has Daphne reeling. Missy let’s her go however, as she wants to see Daphne’s face as she goes. Missy grabs her & brings her to her feet and they square off again, as Daphne is staggering from all the chokeholds. Missy applies a standing manual chokehold and Daphne desperately tries to break free but cannot. Missy takes her to the couch without releasing the hold and sitting facing Daphne she wraps her legs around Daphne’s waist and locks her ankles together to keep Daphne in place, all while continuing the manual str*ngle. Daphne tries everything to break free including hands to face, pulling at her legs, hands to the eyes and hair pulling, all to no avail as Missy endures it or moves her face out of range & continues to squeeze & shake Daphne’s neck all the more. Eventually Missy & Daphne slide to the floor and Missy positions herself on top still not releasing her grip since the original standing manual Daphne resistance slows down, as she feebly tries to pull Missy’s hands off her neck and then ultimately can only lay there struggling to breath but otherwise almost done. Missy’s concentration on Daphne’s face & neck is intense as Daphne …. When convinced Daphne is done, Missy trash talks her rival about who is really better at this & asks her who was it that was going to finish who. Missy does some flexing over Daphne, then picks her up by the ankles & drags her out of the room. Missy returns to the room, gets dressed & leaves.

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Resolution: 640 x 480
Duration: 00:25:29
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