Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Freya w/ Jigsy

A young female spy is sneaking around a safe house in her tall high heel boots. She walks over to a laptop, sits her gun down on the table, puts the thumb drive into the laptop and starts to download information. Soon a male agent comes into the room, gun blazing. Despite the young female spy drawing her gun, she gets no shot off and the agent shoots her three times in the belly, then moves to disarm her, grabbing the gun in her hand and firing three more rounds i9nto her tummy at point blank range. The hits double her over and she falls to the floor on her knees. The agent grabs her up by her arm and sets her back in the chair. He grabs her face and puts the gun to her upper right chest at point blank and pops her. This hits a lung and she starts wheezing and breathing hard. He pulls up a chair and tells her it is inevitable, she will die. If she tells him what he needs to know he will finish her quickly, if not she can scream and bleed to death. She seems to dislike what he says and spits in his face, so he pops her in the throat, at the base of the neck, leaving her sucking air and blood coming from her mouth. He trails the gun down to her pelvic bone in her mons pubis and pops her through her jeans, her bladder releases and she pisses all over herself and the chair, and on to the floor. With several shots in her belly, one in the lung, pelvis, and one in the neck, basically strangling her, and she is still fairly calm, but in pain. He is not too happy about being spat on, so he puts the gun to her temple and fires, blowing her head back and splashing blood on his face at that close of range. As she bleeds liberally from her body and head, the agent stands up and uses the gun as a cock, sticking it in her mouth and forcing it in and out. He wants more fun so he moves the desk around and makes a table, with a white cloth over it. He lays the body down and takes off the jeans, and her belt, then replaces the boots so she is nude with just boots on, bleeding from every hole profusely. After he gets her jeans off and boots back on he takes the gun and sticks it deep in her pussy all the way to the trigger, in and out, the gun sloshing around confirming that she was very wet before he killed her. He pulls the trigger several times as he fucks her bloody with the pistol. Her body jerks but her eyes stay open and her mouth cocked. All the blood and gunpowder makes him horny so he whips his cock out and fucks her. Blood oozing all over his dick as it glistens from the blood and wetness of her pussy. He fucks her hard and passionately, every once in a while grabbing her body with one arm and shooting her in the side as he fucks her, her body jerking and convulsing as he fires into her dead body. He wants to give her more, so he sits her back in the office chair, rolls her to the wall and starts to mouth fuck her with the gun, firing twice, splashing blood all over the wall. He puts his still hard cock into her bloody mouth and starts to fuck her mouth. He screws her mouth for a long time, his cock falling out and blood pouring out. He shoots her a couple times in the forehead as he dicks her face, eventually he blasts his load in her mouth, dumping a major load, and mixed with the blood it is a lot, oozing out of her mouth as he finishes and all over her belly wounds as it drips down. He cleans himself up as we see the body sitting upright in the chair, panned and viewed from different angles. When he returns he takes the body and carries it to the table again, legs and boots sticking out. He fires a few shots into her dead body, liking to watch her jerk and twitch, bucking as he fires the gun into her lifeless corpse. He plays with her bloody pussy one more time before he exits.

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