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Description: Lauren is the most famous student of her school. She wears a school girl uniform with scarf. Today she have a meeting with her professor. She must to explain her bad grades. during her conversation she tries to seduce him with some caress with her feets, her hands. She knows how to manipulate men. He proposes her a glass of wine and secretely she drugs her glass. The professor faints. During this time she takes her memory card, sits down at the desk and tries to modificate her grades on the laptop of the professor.

[POV style]Someone not visible approach behind her. She returns herself and says “Who are you?!” [black screen]

The poor professor wakes up one hour after. He searchs Lauren and found her. strangled to death lying on his desk ! Killed by her own scarf wrapping around her neck. Her blouse is wide open. Her eyes are open (always open), her tongue is slighly out. He checks her pulse. He see one of her hands is closed when he opens it gently he discovers the memory card ! After that he takes the dead body and dispose her on the ground and tries to reanimate her with cpr but she is definetely gones ! He removes the scarf and discovers the strangulation marks (makeup ? 🙂 ) he caresses her neck and moves her face to left from right. He removes her clothes one by one until she wears only her sexy lingerie. He plays with her beautiful hands/fingers, lets drops it. He must hide the body before an another student comes. so he drags the body in an another place.

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