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Description: Aspen has been having an illicit affair with a married young man named Rock. She has secretly recorded a tape of them fucking. The tape is, obviously, very incriminating, but it sure is sexy. Aspen likes to watch it as she touches herself. SheТs sitting on her bed, watching the tape in sexy lingerie, watching her and Rock fuck.

She threatens to tell RockТs wife about their affair and show her the tape. Rock does not want this to happen, for obvious reasons. While Aspen is masturbating to the tape, Rock sneaks up on her and knocks her out. He cuffs her, and then wakes her up by forcing his cock in her throat. He fucks her face, grabbing her hair. ThereТs not much she can do.

He knocks her out again and drags her off to a secluded storage area in her house. SheТs still cuffed and still wearing sexy lingerie. Rock grabs her. There is a noose hanging from the ceiling; he slips it over her head. he threatens her with it if she doesnТt forget about blackmailing him with her crazy scheme.

He destroys the copy of the tape, pulling the tape out and shoving it in her mouth. But she haughtily claims she has another copy. These words seal her fate. He absolutely cannot let her escape, and the best way to ensure this is to kill her. He plays with her a little first, rubbing her pussy and fondling her tits. Finally, he forces her off the chair, the noose strangling her. When sheТs dead, he leaves her hanging from the ceiling, making it look like an intruder broke in, raped her, and cleaned up the evidence.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Hanging, Blowjobs, Forced, Handcuffs, Lingerie, High Heels, Masturbation, Beating, Knocked Out, Pantyhose, Foot Views, Body Views.

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