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Description: Starring: Crystal Rush, Reno

A brother and sister have incestuous sex, after while he murders her by manual strangle. 1 Girl, 1 Guy A beautiful, big-breasted woman goes to the door She is wearing a crop top and short cut offs Her brother is there at the door She greets him happily, hugging him They talk and laugh together She takes him to a bedroom to rest She leaves the room and he lays back on the bed Later, he is asleep in bed He feels something happening at his crotch Waking up to look, he sees his sister sucking him They are both nude, and she is giving him head She gives him an intense blowjob Completely aroused, she straddles herself across his lap She fucks him cowgirl, riding him hard She pivots to a reverse position Moaning and gasping, she bounces on his cock Finally he rolls her off him onto her back Apparently he had issues with her He clamps his big hands around her neck He is not fooling around, he strangles her hard She writhes and squirms but cannot break his grip Her struggles become more violent, thrashing She still cannot escape He throttles her until she starts to weaken Finally she drools and her eyes open in a death stare He releases her and her head lolls, limp He uses her dead hand to bring up his erection again After the postmortem handjob, he starts to screw her He gives her body a hammering fuck He moves her around as he takes her Missionary, from the side, and on her stomach Finally he flips her on her back again He fucks the gorgeous corpse until he cums He ejaculates on her stomach Body pans of her gorgeous, sprawled dead body He lowers her to the floor and wraps her in a quilt He carries her away to dispose of the body.

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