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Description: The movie starts with Abigail Spencer (AJ) entering one of the private dressing rooms disgusted about her loses against Kim who is a special repeat gymnastics champion. Trying to qualify for the top ranking, AJ has failed repeatedly, coming in second to Kim each time. At one time she was a top ranked champion for 2 years but since Kim’s arrival, Abigail has finished second and has lost the confidence of her coaches. One day after voicing her frustrations to her boyfriend, AJ snaps when Kim enters the room talking about how nervous she feels about the upcoming competition. To Abigail it sounds like she knows she will win but is rubbing it in. She decides to be the winner tonight. As Kim concludes her phone conversation, Abigail pulls out a rope from her gym bag, locks the door so no one can stop her from creating Kim’s death then she attacks her. Abigail pulls the rope tight and stops Kim’s breathing. Kim is forced to stand and try to fight off her attacker. Kim has been fierce on the gym floor but is no match for Abigail’s determination. Kim’s knees weaken and she falls to them. Abigail tightens the rope and forces Kim’s tongue out her mouth. Kim weakens again and fall flat on her face as Abigail follows her down. She is on her and whispers into her ear. She cannot help but to feel Kim’s tight firm body leading to a plump but firm little Asian ass. Kim knows Abigail will taste her pussy and eat from it but is helpless to stop her. She expires, eyes fixed, body surrendering. Kim’s ass relaxes and Abigail releases her grip on the rope. She admires Kim’s firm little body, tugs her top down to expose her still little tits then goes to work down below, eating at her pussy through her clothing. Abigail enjoys her then leaves to attend her meet. Later she would hide the body in a basement locker room and that is where the plot thickens.

Set-Up, Dialogue, Girl on Girl Murder, Athletic Fashion, Asian Victim, Flip-Flops, Surprise, Death by Rope Strangulation, Partial Upright Strangulation, Death Stare, Drool, Death Twitching, Body Positioning, Body Rolling, Body Handling, Body Posing, Partial Nudity, Breast Views, Partial Ass View, Pussy Kissing Through Clothing, Fondling, Partial Undressing, Body Pans

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