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Description: Starring: Ashley Lane, Mercy West, and Ryanne
Story by: Manoir X

A college dorm burglar and thief(ASHLEY), who has an obsession and ultimate fantasy of being caught, sexually tortured, and disposed of, sneaks into the apartment of two female coeds. The coeds are in a dominant(RYANNE) and submissive(MERCY) relationship and have been know to have loud wild crushing orgasms, so this is the place the burglar figured she would be caught. She sneaks into the apartment, quietly, snooping around in her daisy dukes and tight tee shirt, sneakers, and nylon socks. She goes to a room where she sneaks around, bending over to show ass shots, and eventually finds a computer, she turns it on and sees some revealing pics of the two coeds with another gal, her tied up and them all orgasming. She gets horny and puts her leg up on the chair, unbuttoning her shorts and reaching in for some flicking of the bean. She masturbates with one hand and plays with her tits with the other, getting so into it. She doesn’t notice Ryanne peeking through the doorway, watching closely, letting the burglar get caught up in an orgasm will be the best way to capture her. She grabs a knife and waits for her to cum. As the burglar is cumming Ryanne interrupts her with a knife to the back. She explains how she is doing things wrong, and there is nothing to steal. She leads her back to the room where her sub girlfriend is sleeping in bed. She wakes her up and orders her to help her with the new play toy who needs to be sexually punished for breaking in. The burglar still is masturbating, never stopping even after being captured. This is fine with Ryanne and Mercy who is waking up excited like it is Christmas morning. What a gift! Ryanne orders her to remove the girls shorts, and she takes of f her top, they all get a bit closer together and Ryanne runs the show. She gets her on the bed, getting the gal in position so she is pinned down by her arms over her head, laying down, and her legs are pinned by one of the gals legs, each. They start to torture her with their hands caressing and kissing the burglar, getting her even more wet and bothered. She moans with pleasure and all three gals start to get hot. Ryanne allows Mercy more freedom to play with Ashley, you can see in her eyes she is jealous that Mercy is so infatuated with the new specimen. She lets her finger her and suck her tits, and Ryanne does the same on the other side. As they get going good, Ryanne notices that Ashley is liking what Mercy is doing too much so she decides to switch things up, telling Mercy to shed a stocking to tie around Ashley’s neck, then tie each end to Ashley’s wrists so she can control the tightness and all three can be involved. They start to rub their crotches on her thighs and they both rub the burglars pussy as she really starts to climax a bit. They pull on her arms so she chokes while they rub her and scissor her thighs. All three gals are in a rhythm of sensual passion and as they really get close to orgasming, they forget that the burglar is being choked fully, but they cum shuddering hard orgasms and let go of the stocking just in time as Ashley takes a deep breath when they release the stocking. The burglar pants and regains her breath then smiles. They all bask in the afterglow of the sexual triad of orgasm. Ryanne notices Mercy staring at the Burglar with a love smile then actually saying, “I love you!” to Ashley. This infuriates Ryanne, but she just uses it as her muse when she pulls out a filet knife and sticks it in through the back of Ashley’s heart, leaving the knife in for tampanade. Ryanne explains that the knife is blocking the hole but when she pulls it out her body will fill up with blood and she will die. The burglar is shocked and her eyes are wide. Mercy continues to play with Ashley’s tits and pussy, as Ryanne asks the Burglar if she wants to die now, or cum and die later? Ashley pics “cum”, so Ryanne carefully holds the knife in place and orders Mercy to finger fuck the burglar and when she starts to cum she will pull the knife out. They all get close to climax and when the burglar stats to cum she pulls the knife out. The burglar falls back in convulsions, twitching from the blood filling her body up. She is still cumming when Ryanne tells Mercy to pinch the gals clit so she can finish her cum and die. That is exactly what she does and the burglar’s body erupts as it was being shocked, and then dies, twitching a bit until she goes still, just a faint trickle of blood coming from the mouth. Mercy and Ryanne both have crushing orgasms and collapse next to the dead body. After they glow for a bit they roll the dead body to the edge of the bed. Ryanne immediately goes to Mercy caressing her and wrapping the stocking around Mercy’s neck. Mercy is into it as they usually play with hosiery, but Ryanne gets her up and says to her, “You told her you loved her, arggg” She hoists her up and pulls tight, grabbing the double wrapped stocking in one hand and lifting her like a rag doll. She takes the other hand and directs Mercy’s own hand down her own panties, sending her into a sexual frenzy. Ryanne pulls hard, brutally pulling her by her neck all over the bed. Mercy is fighting and they go down to the bed, but Ryanne is on top and strong. Mercy somehow gets the knife in her hand and bucks Ryanne off for long enough to stab her in her liver and kidney, which pisses the dominant Ryanne off to the point of strangling her harder. It doesn’t take long for the violent strangle to finish. Mercy’s face goes rad, eyes wide, crossing and lolling around as her head does the same in the hands of Ryanne. She gives one final twitch and she is dead. Ryanne goes hard just to make sure, then tosses her to the bed. She knows she too is fading fast, losing blood inside her body, coughing up a bit that got int her lungs. She lays down next to her freshly deceased sub girlfriend and humps her lef, using Mercy’s dead hand to get her off as she dies she jolts and her eyes go wide as she cums and dies at the same time. All three girls are dead on the bed, still, wide eyed and still. Their bodies are panned and viewed. What a Tragedy!

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