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Description: Kit and Mary is a family couple. They are poor and don’t know what to do in the economic crisis. Mary says that her cousin is contract killer and he earns good money. Her husband who was at the war is very interested in this job. Mary’s cousin gives them the access to the secret contract killers’ Uber base where they can find victims and take offers. They have no guns and other weapons that’s why they choose to kill young rich girl, the ex-wife of senator and strangle her. They play at tour managers, call her and offer VIP tour, She invites them to her place. They come, Kit strangles her and Mary is watching at her death with great pleasure.

After she’s dead the husband goes to another rooms searching for money and jewels. The wife starts to play with dead body, enjoying fresh young corpse of rich girl. She takes of her clothes and put the lingerie of dead girl. She slaps her ass and does some other sexy Necro manipulations.

The husband returns to the room with dead body and sees how his nasty wife is playing with the corpse. He gets angry – she touched body with her fingers without gloves. He doesn’t want to share the money with her and starts to strangle her very brutal. She is in shock – she just seen how terrible the death is and she doesn’t want to join lifeless cold body she just played with! It her last seconds of life she grabs panties of dead girl and dies with her hands on the dead girls’ ass.

Kit stripes bodies for full nude, puts clothes to big bag with money, jewels and some other robbed things and goes away.

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