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Description: Starring Norah Novah

Norah has quite the birthday present planned for her boyfriend. She arrives at an artists house to have her portrait drawn wearing a heart shaped locket he gave her, and only the heart shape locket in the essence of a movie the couple love. The artist making conversation asks her what she wants and then turns to current events, mentioning a recent murder involving a woman being choked by a chain. The two marvel for a moment at how terrible people can be before the artist sends her to a room in the house where she can change to prepare for the drawing. She returns nude under a bathrobe and hands him the money before sprawling out on the chaise. The artist begins to direct her how to pose and she settles in. He sexy petite curves are accentuated by the pillows she lays across naked, her star shaped pubic hair tucked between her legs. The artist begins to sketch her form when he receives a phone call. The artist lays the money on the table and says if he doesn’t come back to take her money back and rushes off. ‘Well that was odd’ she thinks as she patiently stretches out. It’s not long before lying there naked there gives her the idea she shouldn’t waste the time. She lifts her cute little toes off the chaise and begins toying with her pussy. She rubs her clit and fingers her little hole as her toes curl and spring in pleasure. She teases her nipples, sucking on them, rubbing them and rolling them between her fingers before continuing to play with herself until she cums. Feeling relaxed she smiles at the fun she just had and begins to nap.

Deep in slumber she doesn’t hear the artist come back. This time wearing a mask and different clothes. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs a chain falls to hang from his hand. He quietly moves to stand behind the woman sleeping peacefully on his chaise. He lowers the chain onto her neck slowly before quickly jerking it to cut off her breath. She immediately wakes and falls to the floor struggling to get free. As she gets up the man stomps on her ankle breaking it and gets the chain around her neck once more wrestling her to the ground. He pulls tight as the two struggle on the floor against each other for several minutes before ultimately his efforts bear out and she wilts under his brawny strength. The life in her eyes fades and she stops moving. Ever the opportunistic killer, he begins to take advantage of the situation, sucking on her breasts and kissing down to her feet. Laying on his side, he pulls out his cock as he sucks her toes and then her cool, moist clit, still tangy from the fun she had when she was alive. He lays her on her side and sticks his cock inside her as he kisses her feet. Laying her back he fucks her, shoving his cock in and out of her before pulling her limp head up off the ground to pleasure him. He pumps his cock in her mouth before jerking himself to fruition, depositing his load deep in her throat. She lays on the floor, her eyes staring off into nothing as his cum rolls out from between her lips. He carries his victim and places her in a full bathtub to soak beneath the water. Her eyes staring up at the heavens where her spirit has gone to.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Stripping, Posing, AOH, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Chain Strangle, Struggle, Tongue Flop, Ankle Break, Necro Toe Sucking, Necro Pussy Licking, Necro Fuck, Mouth Cumshot, Body Views, Foot Views

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