Categories: Guillotine, Decapitate, Beheading, Sexual Abuse, Pretty Sluts, Forced Orgasm, Masturbation, Death Fetish, Last Wish

Description: Brook is alone with Chloe Toy’s headless body, as Chloe Toy’s living head lays on the ground nearby. The headless body is someway alive and responsive, but unable to walk away: Chloe Toy cannot control it, but her head can just stare powerlessly at the headless body being molested, aroused and abused by Brook. The talking severed head keeps begging for mercy, asking Brook to leave her body alone, but the evil babe keeps doing what she’s doing to the headless body.

Although the clip is conceptually very hot, it is a poor quality one, more of a special effect experiment, and the girls’ acting is not good as well. Therefore it is offered as a low budget one.

File Size: 323 MB
Extension: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:05:00

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Nbm Abuse Chloe Toy And Brook Part 1.mp4

Category: SNUFF