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Description: In a country at the edge of reality, the government has just issued a new set of laws which ban things like facesitting and spanking from porn. By now, Shay has quit with adult work and has been trying to build up a family and have children, but the laws have been given retroactive effect, and she is considered a criminal by the government. The punishment is very straightforward: guillotine! So, one day Shay finds herself tracked down, arrested and isolated by the police, as some kind of really dangerous criminal. The video starts off with her giving a kind of speech to a camera, in a prison cell, wearing the orange uniform. She still has no idea of what awaits her, but she knows why she is there, and talks about politicians who fuck pigs’ heads for real and other unbelievable stories – But well, this is just for fictional purposes, no such thing would exist in reality. The video ends abruptly, and the story opens up again as Shay is lead straight to the execution room, where agent AltSiren tells the sentence: she has been found guilty of facesitting, therefore that is the punishment by the new laws.
Shay cannot believe that, ad is quite passive and speechless: she lets AltSiren take off her prison uniform, arrange and strap her on the guillotine. Then there is an unnerving wait until the blade unexpectedly drops: Shay makes a cut gurgle, her body shooks once and instantly goes limp on the plank. Justice has been done, one less facesitter on Earth! Government’s agent Altsiren has her own desires as well, and, now that she is no longer seen by Shay, she can get what she wants: first of all, she inspect’s Shay’s headless body for valuables, and takes the wedding ring and bracelet off the floppy arms and hands; then she starts groping the body, playing and worshipping her luscious soles. She takes Shay’s silver toenail off using her mouth, and keeps worshipping the feet for some time. Then she moves up to her ass and starts groping it, as well as giving some sounding slaps on it. That is called technically spanking. Fortunately it happens within the Government’s premises, not seen by anyone. On the contrary, if this was filmed, AltSiren would now be in some serious trouble, according to the new laws!

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