Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Starring: Aria Banks, Jack Vegas, Dick Chibbles

A beautiful blonde drug dealer double crosses and murders two male criminals. Woman killing men scenario. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Two men in professional attire relax on a couch A gorgeous, blonde woman in a black dress brings them a briefcase The look inside, ask her about the quality of the drugs she has delivered She assures them the quality is the highest She brings them glasses of wine to celebrate the deal One of the men gets a phone call The information he is given on the phone is troubling He whispers to his partner, who takes out a gun He points it at the woman, accuses her of fronting for a male partner They’ve also been tipped off that the drugs are not pure She warns them they will regret crossing her They laugh at this, and make her take off her dress She is forced at gunpoint to sexually service them She sucks cock and is fucked by both men They take her in various combinations and positions She is stoic during this assault She doesn’t resist, and lets them do what they want Each man ends by giving her a hard fuck on the couch After they climax, the men relax and finish their wine Suddenly the woman laughs out loud They ask her what she thinks is funny Then the men start to gag and choke She has poisoned their wine Both men double over in agony One of the men tries to use the gun She prevents him from picking it up She taunts him, then snaps his neck He collapses on the floor, dead She then walks over and also snaps the neck of the second man Contemptuously, she pees on the second man’s corpse With both men dead, she calls her partner She tells him to come over and clean up the mess She picks up the gun and the briefcase, and departs Final views are of both male corpses sprawled on the floor.

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