Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

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Description: Starring Ashley Lane & Jade Nile

Some dirtbag is raping and killing prostitutes in the Narrows. Black Canary lures the rapist out in the open and almost captures him, but a freak accident causes her to twist her ankle and give the rapist the upper-hand. He strips off her clothes and forces her to gag on his cock. The rapist forces Black Canary to blow him then pushes her against the brick wall, gripping her throat with his hands. He strangles Black Canary until she passes out. Piss gushes out of her unconscious bladder, then he lifts her up and spanks her ass. The rapist throws her to the bed and rapes her doggy-style. A few days later, the rapist grabs another victim, but she has something else in mind. She pulls a gun on the criminal and tries to cuff him. Black Canary shows up and interrupts the scene. She wants revenge for the rapist giving her up to a gang as a fuck-toy. He uses the distraction to grab the gun and force both women to do his bidding. He forced Black Canary to blow him at gunpoint. He shoves his cock all the way down her throat and chokes her out with his meat. He forces the cop to strip down and service him next. He rapes her violently against the wall. Black Canary begins to stir and the rapist makes both girls perform for his pleasure. He makes one girl ride him while the other is forced to watch and masturbate. They sob uncontrollably, fearing the eventual shot from his pistol. The rapist cums in the cop and rewards her with a bullet in the back of the head. He turns his attention to Black Canary who backpedals across the floor pissing herself from fear. He throws her on the bed with the other mortally wounded girl and rapes her roughly. She endures the violent deep-dicking. She thrashes for the rapist’s gun, but it’s just out of her reach. The rapist wraps his hands around Black Canary’s neck and slowly chokes her to death. She lies still and dead in her fishnet stockings and boots, next to the only other girl foolish enough to defy the rapist.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Multi-Girl, Violence, Superheroine, Choking, Peeing, Bladder Release, Leather, Boots, Fishnets, Limp, Flop, Fondling, Groping, Stripping, Rolling, Lifting, Carrying, Spanking, Hair Pulling, Forced BJ, Sexual Assault, Forced Masturbation, Shooting, Death, Necro, Foot Views, Body Views

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