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A Villain’s fantasy: Sneak into Alana’s hotel room and admire her lying there in her sexy satin slip. Run your hands feather light over her sleeping body. Then wake her with a hand clamped over her mouth, your knife at her throat. She will lie still, whimpering in terror as you slash and rip her nightgown exposing her perfect breasts. Hold the knife firmly to her neck as you slowly force your cock into her mouth, pumping past those luscious lips. When she’s got your shaft good and wet, flip her over. She will try to escape, but it’s easy to grab her by the hips and ram your cock into her from behind. Take her slow and hard, fast and rough, however you want. Shove her onto her back and paw at her breasts while she cries. Pull your cock out at the last second so you can shower her with your scalding hot load, marking her as yours. Then leave her there naked and gasping, covered in cum.

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