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Description: Starring: Dani w/ Jasper

A young school teacher is with her class away on a field trip. As her class is off doing activities with the chaperones, she relaxes in her own B&B away from the camp and others. She sits on the toilet, peeing, a pregnancy test in her hand, her third one, just to be sure. When she looks at the strip it says positive so she gets excited and goes to call her husband. She talks to her family and gives the news, almost in tears of joy she is so happy to know she is going to have a baby in 8 months, to add to the family. She says her goodbyes and tells her husband she can’t wait to get home and celebrate, but it is nice to relax and read a book, and the staff is nice. She tells him she does feel like she is being watched sometimes, but chalks it up to all the scary movies they have watched together. She goes to grab her book and doesn’t see the groundskeeper peering through the window staring at her obsessed. As she gets her book in the bedroom he sneaks in the back door and hides behind the counter. He doesn’t know what he is going to do, and he isn’t all there. He has a look in his eye like he is on a mission that won’t be stopped. The young teacher hops up on the counter facing the front door to get good reading light, and the groundskeeper puts her in a choke hold from behind. She goes nuts and kicks off her heel, and her dress shows her panties once her long legs try to get leverage to beat him. He is too strong and caught her off guard, she fights but eventually goes out cold from the choke hold from behind. Her body goes limp and she dangles from the counter top. The man scoops her up and carries her to the bed, throwing her down like garbage. He check out her body and starts to undress her so he can check her out more. He pulls the dress up, and the panties down a bit, he plays with her breasts, rough and firm which makes milk come from her nipples. He massages them harder and more squirts out so he partakes and cleans them up a bit.

After some rough breast handling he checks her pussy, spreading it wide to see what she is working with. He rolls her over and spreads her ass cheeks to see her tight little ass. He then plays with her body, rag dolling her back and forth, rolling her on the bed and flopping her limp limbs. He then grabs a section of black rope and ties her hands behind her back. He goes to the other room to grab something and she is panned face down tied up and out cold. Her ass is perfect and inviting. He comes back and sets her up on the bed on her knees, she is foggy but starting to stir. As he gets her set up she comes to and starts to struggle hard, kicking him hard, then trying to run, but instead of heading to the door, she runs into him and head buts him in the gut knocking him back. She then turns and heads to the door, trying to open the front door with her tied hands, but he rips her from the doorway and tosses her to the bed, she still fights hard but he punches her a couple of times in the head to subdue her, but she is a fighter and takes the hits, still is fighting to not be raped. He forces her head towards his crotch as he unzips and whips out his already hard dick. He rams her throat with his cock as she gags and tries to escape. He just gets her to her knees on the bed and goes harder. After she bites him he pulls out and throws her down ass up and puts it in her raw dog from behind so her head hangs off of the bed and she screams in pain. He rams her hard as she cries out in pain, then he flips her over to see her face a he rapes her. She looks at him and tells him her name, and that she has a family. He pays no mind and it just seems to fuel his desires. He has one thing on his mind at the time and is in deep. He holds her down and rapes her until he cums inside of her. After he cums inside of her he gets up as she tries to crawl away, he grabs a clear plastic bag out of the pocket of his jeans and she panics, trying to plead with him saying her name and her family and that she just found out she is a month pregnant. He doesn’t even flinch or make a sound except the grunting as he lunges to put the bag on her head and pulls her close.

She fights hard, but the bag cuts off all her air and she starts to freak out. She has a long bagging but instead of dying, she passes out again. He says, “shit” and tosses the bag, frantically looking around for something to.he finds a long black stocking and stretches it out to check if length is good. He wraps around her neck and slaps her awake. He strangles her as she fights him hard, barely mouthing a muffled, “why are you doing this to me?” He just goes harder and her face is beet red, and her body pale white. The stocking digs deep into her neck as she flexes and arches her back, kicking her legs as her tongue fishes for air. She gives it her all but he is just too overpowering and fierce, and he still wants more time with her body. As she starts to die her legs stick out and her toes spread out wide and bend. She goes out with a death rattle and completely still, but a couple of twitches and aftershocks. He rolls her over after she is freshly dead and pulls her ass to the edge of the bed, sticking his dick in her and ramming her from behind to get himself harder. he gets in a good rhythm, and flips her over to see her wide eyed death stare as he fucks her. He fucks her pink pussy and gets closer and closer to climax before he whips it out and cums all over her belly. He makes sure he gets every drop out on her. Her dead body covered in his cum is a great reward for him. He knows now that he only has a little time before they figure things out. After she is viewed and panned the scene fades to a bathroom, a plastic sheet over the curtain rod, and her body in the tub, he walks in in his plastic gloves, parka, goggles, and chainsaw. If he is going to get her to the pigs, he will need to chunk her up. He adjusts his goggles and flips the witch then pulls the cord, firing up the saw and revving it as the credits roll.

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