Categories: Different Studios, Rape, Abduction, Bloody Game, ChloroFormed, Execution, Amazons, Asphyxiation, Assassination, Bagging, Death Fetish, Drowning, Fighting, Hanging, Maniac, Neck Break, Poison, RolePlay Snuff, Shooting, Stabbing, Strangle

Description: Starring: Liv Aguiler, Jeremy Conway

Liv plays a bad girl who is seeking revenge against an ex-boyfriend who desperately wants to get his stuff back but little does she know she’s made lots of enemies. Upon hearing something she hangs up and goes to investigate but receives a strong right cross that sends her reeling. Semi conscious, she can barely fight back as her attacker strangles her to death. He aims to humiliate her by releasing photos of her death online anonymously. He drags her, carries her and throws her into different rooms, into many different poses as she stares lifelessly. He undresses during each stage then decides to leave her swinging on her favorite hammock outside.

Contains: Small Set-Up, Dialogue, Home Invasion, Young Girl Victim, Socks, Surprise Hit, Sleepy, Death by Car Phone Cord Strangulation, Ligature Marks, Drool, Death Twitching, Body Kicking, Body Rolling, Body Dragging, Arm Carry, OTS Carry, Bladder Release, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Pans, Body Posing, Body Tossing, Hallway Kill Scene, Multiple Necrophilia Posing, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Brest Worship, Ass Slapping

File Size: 2.34 GB
Extension: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1440 x 960
Duration: 00:24:56

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