Categories: Different Studios, Rape, Abduction, Bloody Game, ChloroFormed, Execution, Amazons, Asphyxiation, Assassination, Bagging, Death Fetish, Drowning, Fighting, Hanging, Maniac, Neck Break, Poison, RolePlay Snuff, Shooting, Stabbing, Strangle

Description: starring NICOLE MOORE & JOHNNY CASTLE

Nicole doesn’t know it yet but her husband has put out a contract on her life for threatening to divorce him and take half of his finances. The killer grabs the key her husband planted beneath the door mat and enters the home as Nicole talks on the phone. When she is finished speaking and up, she is suddenly attacked from behind. Nicole struggles with her attacker then suddenly reaches for the knife on the counter but the killer grabs her hand and it away. The killer then focuses his attack on Nicole, her into unconsciousness then fondling and undressing her. The killer her with the belt from her house dress then has sex with her as she nears death. Nicole struggles, kicking dishes around in hopes someone might hear but she loses the battle and no one comes to her aid. The killer stands over her for a moment then exits the home, leaving her to urinate all over her kitchen.

Contains: Brief Set-Up, Surprise, Hand to Unconsciousness, Body Positioning, Fondling, Undressing, Live Death by Clothing Belt Boots, Full Body Urination, Ligature Marks, Body Pans, Death Stare

File Size: 1.02 GB
Extension: MPEG-4
Resolution: 966 x 648
Duration: 00:11:16

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