Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: Starring: Norah Nova, Brad Sterling

A female cop goes undercover as a prostitute, but in the perp’s house he discovers her identity, overpowers her, then rapes and murders her. 1 Girl, 1 Guy A beautiful woman drives up to a house She talks to her superior on the phone She goes over her plan to pose as a prostitute, then drug and subdue the perp inside Going to the door, she knocks, and he lets her in At first he believes she is a hooker and takes her to his bedroom She has brought a bottle of wine, and asks him if he has wine glasses He sends her out of the bedroom to get them While she is gone he goes through her purse He discovers her badge, zip ties, cuffs, and pills she was going to use to drug his wine Meanwhile she is in the kitchen and opens the bottle She has hidden a pill in her clothing, and drugs his glass of wine She returns to the bedroom and gives him the drugged glass He doesn’t drink, initiating sex instead She strips off her dress and panties She displays herself nude in high heels on the bed Then she opens his pants and gives him fellatio She encourages him to drink, but again he refuses The subterfuge over, he grabs her and pins her down on the bed He chokes her roughly until she’s subdued He hands her phone to her and instructs her to call off the cops She complies, and he takes the phone away He commands her to stay still on the bed But when he turns away, she jumps on his back and fights him He flings her off and she collapses to the floor She tries to get up and he kicks her in the belly He uses her own cuffs to bind her hands behind her back Flinging her back on the bed, he fondles her Then he bends her over the edge of the bed and fucks her He takes her roughly in several positions While she moans in distress, he fucks her until he is ready to cum He pulls out and sprays his cum on her neck and chin She begs him to let her go Instead he takes a nylon stocking, wraps it around her neck, and strangles her She writhes and struggles, but he is relentless He strangles her until she goes limp in death He leaves her cuffed, nude, beautiful corpse displayed on the bed.

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