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Description: Paris is directing a girl/girl porn with some of her close friends at her condo. The girls play with each other, kissing and rubbing pussy’s, then Paris joins them for some 4-way fun including strap-on sex!

Just when things are starting to get hot, 2 men burst in waving guns. They force the girls into a huddle, sticking panties in their mouths to muffle their screams of panic. They torment the girls for a bit, then select Karina to be their first victim. With the other girls watching in terror, poor Karina is tied to a chair and forced to wear a ball-gag.

Then a plastic bag is put over her head and a cord wrapped around it to cut off her air. She struggles wildly as she looses airflow. Panicking, she hyper-ventilates, depleting her air even faster and causing her to weaken considerably. Her mouth and eyes open wide, she looks, pleas almost with her attacker, but he just smiles. Her friends are powerless to save her and she slowly stops moving-her attacker taking liberties with her fine body. Soon, she is still-staring blankly. He removes the bag and shows her dead face to her friends who whimper and squirm in fear.

Then Ashley is up on a chair with a noose around her neck. She barely has time to comprehend what is happening to her when he pulls the chair out and she drops-the rope snapping tight around her neck-twisting her skin. She struggles hard and fast and first-kicking her shoes off, her stocking-clad feet waving-searching for some ground. Her mouth and eyes wide open-her tongue searches for air. As she jerks and spasms, the attacker squeezes her tits-feeling her perfect body. She slows down, the look in her eyes of desperation, but her friends can only cry for her. She slows and is finally still. The killer runs upstairs and releases the rope, dropping her hard to the floor.

Then Paris is up on the chair. She tries to plead for her life, but the chair is pulled away and she drops with a start. She kicks her shoes off exposing her nude, nylon-clad stockings. She struggles hard-her whole body jerking about-her eyes almost bugging out of her head and tongue protruding. The killer feels her perfect tits and watches and smiles as the life leaves her. The last girl watches her best friend die-terrified because she is next. Finally, Paris is still-just a couple twitches left. He takes the scissors and cuts the rope-her body dropping onto Ashley’s.

Time to kill Addie, but they find a Samurai sword on the mantle. The decide they want to decapitate her. They take her upstairs and force her onto a desk-upright and against a wall. They torment her with the steal blade. She is terrified. Then he swings the sword-slicing her head off at the neck in one fell swoop. They pick up her head-examine it and put it downstairs with the other girls. They gather up their stuff and leave.

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