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Description: Belle comes home from work to find her roommates are whispering about some love triangle, and she realizes what she came to talk to Anyanca about is true. She is fucking her boyfriend Chris. The 4 girls live together and met Chris through work, Chris wanted to bang them all and was well into doing #2 when the fiasco happened and Belle found out. Belle is not too happy, so she sneaks downstairs and waits for the blonde Skylee to come to the bathroom. When she shuts the door and sees Belle with a stocking in her hand she freaks, but Belle is so fast, wrapping the stocking around her neck and strangling her to death. The young girl fights but loses the battle to Belle. After the chick is dead, Belle drags her to the main room, looking for a place to hide the body and get Anyanca who is on her headphones writing a song upstairs. As Belle tries to look for a place, the door jiggles, and it is her roommate Steevie, she quickly hides behind the entrance. When Steevie comes in she sees that Skylee is lying dead on the floor, she runs to check her but is met with a stocking around her neck. At this point Steevie is just caught up in the mix of things, and Belle must quiet her. She strangles her hard, she fights to the death, and when Belle sees hos sexy she is, she gets caught up momentarily, but then remembers her goal, to kill the bitch that fucked her man. She heads upstairs where Anyanca sits in the window, listening to her music and writing her song. Belle comes in and says, “hey!” very loud, and then wraps the stocking around Anyanca’s neck. She takes her down to the floor, where Anyanca fights hard, leaving marks from her boots on the floor. After a hard bout she lies still, and dead. Belle wants to see what the fuss is all about so she strips Anyanca. As she starts to check out her pussy, Chris arrives, creeps behind Belle and strangles her hard. He double wraps the stocking and goes hard. She fights but doesn’t win. Chris’ rage takes over and he kills her dead and still. After he kills her he picks her up in a fireman’s carry and takes her downstairs to the couch. He takes Anyanca down too and now all four hot gals are on the couch. Chris strips the titties and pussies bare to see what he had, and what he missed. He fondles them all and we then see long pans of the bodies after they are posed.

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