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Description: Internal Audit Lily plays Karli, a tax auditor with a list of people she is trying to swindle out of cash by claiming they owe the government when in fact she is transferring the money into her secret account. Things turn sour and Karli loses it, making a life-threatening attempt to one of her clients in a public office. Unstable, you’ll enjoy what happens next.

We see Karli with a laptop, dressed in business casual clothing with black framed eyeglasses. Her blouse is white and split open to reveal a part of her cleavage. She is intense in her typing. Daniel comes in. Daniel is dressed casually, with a briefcase that has a stack of white papers and his cell. Daniel, nervously sits down, places the briefcase on his lap, and opens his briefcase. He takes out a stack of paper, puts it on the table, closes his briefcase, and gently places the briefcase on his side. Karli looks up from her laptop.
Karli (smiles): As you know, you owe the government $300,000. Are you here to pay?
Daniel (nerviously): Um, no.
Karli (suddenly looking angry): And why not? Here’s the papers that say you owe us.
Karli takes out a legal yellow notepad with some scribbles.
Daniel: Actually, I have some evidence that your calculations are wrong. I have the original papers of what I owe and some papers that actually have tax deductions.
Karli looks at a sheet of paper. And then she places it down. Karli: These are the originals? The only copies?
Daniel: Yes.
Karli then opens up a drawer. Karli then aims a gun at Daniel.
Daniel: Whoa.
Karli: I’m going to take these. My calculations are never wrong, and I intend for it to stay that way. Karli (smiling): I’m going to kill you.
She strips down nude. Daniel continues to look nervous, and afraid. There is no lust in his eyes. Just fear in his eyes.
Karli whips him again to the head. She then grabs his crotch, while still pointing the gun.
While Daniel is still sitting down the chair, Karli has sex with Daniel in a cowgirl pose. She jiggles her breasts in lust, while pointing the gun at Daniel. As she continues to have sex, she has multiple orgasms. Finally, she is relieved. She stands up. She forces Daniel to kneel. Karli aims the gun at the back of Daniel’s head. Daniel all of a sudden turns and grabs Karli’s gun! He throws the gun away. Karli tries to get the gun. As she runs, Daniel gets up and approaches her quickly. He is holding the thong that Karli discarded. He wraps it slowly into a garrote. Daniel then wraps her thong around Karli’s neck. And Daniel pulls her down with him. Daniel strangles her violently until Karli’s arms finally fall to her side. And then her hips thrust up! In a death twitch, she experiences an orgasm she had never known in life. Her hips constantly thrust up, jiggling her breasts. Finally she is still, her legs spread-eagle. Her vagina wet with her own cum.
Daniel disposes of her body by rolling Karli off of him roughly and rolls her over again until she is tits up to the ceiling, legs spread eagle. Daniel stands up, and looks at her. Daniel instantly unzips his pants.
Daniel: Damn, you’re so hot.
Daniel then kisses Karli’s body all over.
And in the final moment, kisses Karli’s pussy.
He flips Karli to do her doggy-style. Daniel pounds on Karli again and again, roughly, jiggling her breasts. Daniel, still angry, carries Karli over to the table. He sweeps the laptop and everything to the floor. He then places Karli’s body tits up on the table. Daniel then takes Karli missionary, having rough sex, Daniel pounds on her body, jiggling her breasts violently, as if he was stabbing her with his cock. After five minutes, Daniel grunts and is relieved and zips up his pants. We then see semen trailing from her pussy to the table. Daniel picks up the yellow legal notepad and looks at it.
Daniel: She was trying to rob me of my money and put it to her own bank account?
Daniel, places the legal notepad on the table and takes his cell phone and opens it.
Daniel: Security? Your corrupt auditor.I had to kill her in self-defense.
Daniel closes the cell phone.
Daniel rips up a sheet of Karli’s notepad, crumples the sheet and throws it at Karli’s corpse repeatedly.
Daniel then picks up Karli’s panties, sniffs it and places it in his pocket, and leaves the scene.
Karli, the criminal auditor, dies alone.

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