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Description: A young student is having issues with her water so she calls a plumber. He shows up and asks the problem and she shows him where the main valve is located in the bathroom. She gives him a smile as he takes his jacket off and opens his tool box. She leaves him to his work and heads to the kitchen to wipe down the counters. He creeps behind her toting a large pair of Channel Locks, and when she has her back turned, he whacks her on the back of the head with the heavy tool. She falls to the ground like a sack of potatoes. He scoops her up in his arms and carries her up the steps to the bedroom where he tosses her on the bed like she is trash. He starts to RAGDOLL and undress her roughly, so he can watch her body shake and ragdoll. Once he undresses her to her G-String, he plays with her body, swinging her head to and fro, roughly handling her and playing with her body. He pulls her head back and kisses her mouth for a while, then he tosses her back on the bed. She is lifeless and limp as he tosses her. He feels like he needs to get going with stealing her stuff so he wraps her up in a sheet for dumping her body later. As he looks around downstairs, the student wakes up, with a headache, wondering why she is naked wrapped in a sheet. She grabs her cell phone and dials 911. She quietly asks for the police, help, and to please hurry, nervous she handgs up and looks around for an equalizer. She sees her iron on the desk and grabs it, hiding behind the door in the bathroom, just then the sound of footsteps coming upstairs, and she covers her mouth to not make a sound as she silently screams. The psycho serial killer comes up and sees she is not in the bed, and she acts fast, hitting him over the head with the iron knocking him to the bed dizzy, but as she goes for the second attempt, he moves and grabs her. They fight for a minute, wrestling, and grabbing for the iron, he grabs her, gains control, then takes the cord of the iron and wraps it around her neck. He chokes her hard as she fights, grabbing his shirt, slapping him and punching his side and face. He is in a rage and gets off on this so he just goes harder. He gets off of straddling her and moves to the edge of the bed, so he can see her flail and buck, shoving her pussy way up in the air. He then gets above her, hoisting her upright to finish her off. She struggles and her eyes cross and she goes limp, dead, but not before a few spasms and twitches. She is dead, so he checks the pulse this time and makes sure by pressing both hands on her neck and quickly cracking her neckbone. He is glad it is over and he can now strip off her Gstring and fuck her body, after some fingering and rubbing, nipple biting. As he goes to get her ready to mount, he hears a loud knock and a voice, “POLICE, OPEN UP!” He hears the door slam open and shut, and he reacts fast stuffing the blonde into the closet to hide her from the cops. He hides in the shower when he hears the steps get closer. Short staffed the precinct sent one car, with one very experienced patrol and Gang Task officer, who has been decorated for bravery and courage under fire. She heads up the stairs getting a hunch after clearing the main floor that it is where things went down. She carefully but quickly goes upstairs and sees nothing, except the closet sliding door is ajar. As she opens it, the student’s lifeless body falls to the floor, eyes and mouth open. She checks the pulse anyway, and when she feels nothing, she comments, “Shit”, she goes to the bathroom looking around, she turns hearing a noise, which was her mistake, and she pays, he opens the shower door and gets her in an arm choke hold from behind. She fights him hard and claws, punches, and aims her pistol, but he disarms her and as they fall to the floor, and bed, he pushes the gun down the steps. He gets control but she kicks him off with her boots. They wrestle for her billy club, and he gets the upper hand, getting the club around her neck. She fights hard, choking hard, still elbowing him in the chest and side trying to escape, but this will be her final call. He is too much lifting her up off the ground with the club across her throat. She fights and kicks and they eventually fall down to the ground where he finishes her off with the brutal choking with the club. He is so caught up in the thrill, he chokes her as she kicks and flails hard, trying to escape, getting weaker until she is dead, her eyes cross and roll up in her head as she dies crossed. He makes sure she is dead and puts the club across her neck, pushing down till he hears cracking and crushing of her neck and throat. He is ready strip the cop and roughly handle her body while he gets aroused to screw them both. He undresses and RAGDOLLS the cop. He grabs the student and throws her on the bed with the cop. He fucks the cop, grabbing her head and hair hard as he fucks her. He then grabs the student and does her body too. He screws her hard, grabbing her up in his arms, cradle fucking her tight pink hole. After he cums inside her, he tosses her like trash, then wraps her body, and the cop in a sheet to dum the bodies when it gets dark out. Now to head back to loot the house, and now he has a new gun. The two dead females and victims of a psycho serial murderer bodies are viewed and panned in the sheets.

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