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Description: Starring Liv ReVamped

Liv is the Spanish tutor for a student whose father is being investigated for serious crimes. While on the phone with her friend, Liv is certain that they would never call her as a witness and that their family has only been good to her. Then she sees the man. He runs up, attacking her, phone goes flying, and he slams her head on the marble counter, knocking her unconscious. He briefly examines her before dragging her off. She wakes up sitting on a stool in the middle of her living room. She is being pulled by the neck and forced to stand on the stool. She is panicking, begging for her live, but the man has a job to do without question. He ties her hands behind her, and as the young woman continues to beg for her life, he pulls the stool out. She drips several inches, her feet off the floor, spasming along with her whole body as she rope around her neck slowly strangles her. After a while drool drips from her agape mouth, her eyes become more fixed and the spasming slows until ultimately she is still, but for the slow turning of her body dangling from her neck. The man calls for a cleaner than cuts her down. The cleaner arrives. It is just another day. But the victim is pretty and fresh, so he decides to take his time and enjoy himself. An infrequent perk of the job, that he allows on rare occasions. He fucked her on the floor for a bit. Then, on the couch, bent over the arm, he lets his cock explore you young 20-something pussy. He new nothing about her, but imaging, based on her home, she was a collage student or gig worker, just trying to live her life-now cut short. He did not feel anything for them, only imagining what they were like in life and his role at it’s end-his cock grew harder. Now with her facing up, he fucked her more, letting his cock go deep, feeling her tightness and warmth. It would be non soon and that made him even harder and soon, he shot his load deep inside her pussy. It would not matter, after he was done, there would be no evidence-no body to find. He left her posed awkwardly on the couch and left to get the rest of his tools.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Blow Dart, Unconscious, Dragging, Fondling, Begging, Hands Bound, Hanging, Drool, Necro Fucking, Body Views, Foot Views

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Cleaning Up A Problem 2.mp4

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