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Description: Starring Stella Pharris and Poppy

Larry liked to hang out at the local bar where there was a live DJ and lots of college age girls partying and drinking. Tonight he got real lucky and convinced a 2 sisters to come back to his house. They were pretty drunk and probably on something, to it was not that hard. He convinced them to do a little kissing, but they really wanted to mess with him so he let them both go at his cock for a while. Then positions changed and he had a sucking his cock while her sister ate her pussy. Man were they wasted. After a while he started pounding one of the girls and the other got bored and left the room. He did not know how long he had, but did not want to stop fucking her to kill her. So instead, he kept fucking her as he wrapped a nylon around her neck and strangled her. After she was dead, he kept fucking her-she felt so good. Later, her sister came back, unaware that her sister was dead. Larry kept fucking her like there was no issue. Stella tried to wake her, but as she started to realize something was wrong, he grabbed her throat and strangled her right next to her dead sister. When it was over, he fucked her until he unloaded in her tight hot pussy. He posed them up on the bed, then left to hydrate. He would have a long night ahead disposing of these bitches.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Kissing, Lesbian, 3-Way, Strangle while Fucked, Nylon Garrote Strangle, Hand Strangle, Necro Fucking, Body Views, Foot Views

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