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Description: Starring Alisha and Tia

Aaron was in love with a girl at his local strip club. There was just one problem. He was married to a controlling bitch and desperately wanted to escape. But he had the solution, and after days of planning, he and the stripper were going to murder his wife. Now he waited in a back VIP room, having convinced his wife that this strange date night ending in a strip club was just part of his commitment to a healthy relationship by trying new things. And she was into it. It would be therapeutic. The stripper entered and gave a good show. Turns out, his wife was a bit freaky and liked the attention. And while that distraction was happening, he took off his belt, knocked the stripper out of the way and attacked his wife. He got the belt tightly around the bitches neck and pulled like his life depended on it. She put up a struggle, but he was in the zone, hidden in this back room, no one to disturb them for an hour, the club music rumbling in the distance to hide the sounds. He would murder this fucking bitch of a wife and be with this new, hot girl who, at this very moment, was sucking his cock as he was committing murder. This turned him on even more. When she was dead, he shoved her to the side like yesterday’s trash. Then the hot skinny stripper was on his cock riding him like a pony. She was intense and very into him. As they fucked near the body of his wife, she kept telling him his cock was hers. And that just did not sit well with Aaron after several years in a suffocating marriage. So, he does the next thing he could thing of. He gets the belt around the strippers neck and starts killing her too. Her face turned purple as he fucked and strangled her. After a while he got her to the floor, where he finished her off. Once done, and very horny, he tossed her body up on the couch and fucked her body from behind. And he kept fucking the dead stripper in a couple different positions until he shot his hot cum across her. After he was done, he quickly left before security checked on the room.

Role Play & Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Struggle, Belt Strangle x2, Real Breath Play, Lifting, Necro Fucking, Cum Shot, Body Views

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