Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Necro, Strangle, Snuff, PKF Studios

Description: Starring Kay

In the vein of 70’s horror, watch as an unsuspecting victim, looking for help is violently attacked and carried off tormented and murdered. SEE-a pretty girl. WATCH her enter the old, dark building. WAIT as she looks for help. JUMP as she is attacked by the Hockeymasked Freak. LOOK as she is carried off kicking and screaming through the corridor of the building. And if the terror has not made your eyes bleed. FATHOM as she is thrust onto a horizontal X-a frame of unspeakable. LOOKY as she is tied and molested-clothes torn to shreds. CRINGE as she is by the Freak. CRINGE AGAIN as he NAIL SPIKES into her Hands and Feet. CRINGE YET A 3RD TIME as the Freak RAPES her with a large FILE. STARE as he brutally POUND a spike through her head, KILLING the helpless young girl DEAD!!! Kay does a fantastic job being absolutely terrified the entire time.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, , Carrying, with File, Dripping with Sweat, Terror, Torment, Dress Ripping, Panty Ripping, Crucifixion with Spikes, Spike to the Head, Body Views

File Size: 1.48 GB
Extension: MPEG-4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duration: 00:14:49

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