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Description: Starring: Juliette, Monicka, Ashley

Hold up in their classroom while there classmates ran out to be slaughtered, 3 seniors, just 18 years old, and their teacher huddle together in fear. They listen. Now, there is only the occasional scream and shot. then silence. Silence. There teacher, trying to be a hero, leaves the classroom to get help. Rat-tat-tat, the machine-gun is heard. They know she is dead. Now they wait, huddled together in terror. The student enters. He is fully equipped and these pretty girls are the last alive. He has been teased all his life and now it was pay-pack time. They would be sure to remember his name after today. He terrorizes them, gropes them and he pays special attention to Ashley. He asked her to prom last week. She say no of course. He turns casually, realiszing Juliette is walking away quietly. He pulls out his Glock and shoots her through the back-the bullet coming out her abdomen. She stops, arches back, then falls to her knees, then forward to the floor. She rolls over gyrating in agony. He watches her suffer a bit the rakes her across the chest with his MP5. In the settling of smoke and crimson mist, she is dead. He then spends time with her while the others cower behind him and watch in horror. When he is done, he does Monicka next. Sitting her in a chair, he gives her a little hope before filling her full of holes. She is almost dead, but not quite. He single fires a shot into her chest, finishing her. Then, he spends time checking her out-exploring her hot teenage body thoroughly. Finally, it is time for Ashley, the reason for all..this. He forces her to strip, then once she is on the teachers desk, makes her suck his cock real good. Once it is nice and hard, he lays her on her back and fucks her. He has always wanted to and it was perfect. He fucked her for a while before shooting her in the belly. She clutches the wound, blood oozing out between her fingers-she is in agony. He keeps fucking her, but something is wrong. He needs something more to cum then just a writhering, suffering hot blonde girl. Oh, now he knows. He places his pistol against her breast and fires twice, though her heart, killing her. Dead, he now gets the reaction he wants as her pussy tightens around his cock, then relaxes, allowing him to shoot his load all over her belly. Hearing the sirens, it was time to make his last stand and he heads out, leaving carnage in his wake.

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