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Description: Starring: Alana Rains, Olive, Trixi, Rock

They continue to work on the American girl. They roll her, take pictures, swap various parts, etc. When one of the morgue techs is alone, he is tasked with removing all their jewlery.Then, he carefully removes all their nail polish with remover. Once he is done, the other tech comes back and they get the girls prepped for washing. With both girls laying on one table, they wash the bodies. Once they are finished, they leave for a break. Later, the agent that killed them comes back. It has been 2 days since he shot them in cold blood in the condo. The vacationing college girls were enjoying there summer and he ended them for the sake of national security. Did he feel bad that these pretty girls were killed. No. Collateral damage. Now, he spends time with them. First, he sticks his cock in the American girls mouth and fuck her. He watches his cock slid in and out of her pretty dead lips as he gets harder and harder. When he is finished, he goes over to the exchange student. He fucks her mouth for a bit, the wants to feel how tight her pussy is. This was obviously her first time as her pussy hugged his throbbing cock tight. He fucked her several different ways until finally cumming on her belly. Suddenly, the morgue techs came walking back in. He quickly snaps both their necks and sets the female tech up on the table with the others. His job complete, he exits. No one can every know he was here, or what he did to save the nation.

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